Notes for Band Chaperones

**This is an important list of duties to ensure the safety of our band members**

Chaperones need to make sure the following items are loaded on the bus:

1. Orange first-aid kit (in Mr. Thomas’s office)

2. Tan canvas bag (in Mr. Thomas’s office) It contains 2 clipboards with the bus rosters and flashlights.

3. 1 or 2 large water jugs (in uniform closet)

4. Small paper coke cups (in uniform closet)

Chaperone Duties on the Bus:

1. Sit equally apart on the bus to adequately supervise the band members.
2. Call roll and make sure everyone is accounted for. No one is to switch buses.
3. Make sure aisles are clear of hat boxes, uniforms, backpacks, instruments, etc. No one is to have his/her feet across the aisle to the other side.
4. The emergency door can not be blocked with anything like instruments, hat boxes, etc. It must remain clear at all times.
5. Band members must keep their arms, hands, and heads inside the bus.
6. Band members must remain facing forward and not have their backs against the back of the seat in front of them.
7. Students must remain seated at all times while the bus is moving.
8. There is to be no yelling, profanity, or fighting on the bus.
9. There is to be no inappropriate display of affection between students. If there is, this will have to be addressed by the chaperones. Flashlights are provided for the late night bus rides home after games.
10. The students must pick up their trash on the bus. This is very important especially at the end of the night.

Chaperone Duties in the Stands:

1. In the stands, the chaperones’ primary responsibility is to keep an eye on the band members, not the game. We are there for their safety and well being.
2. There needs to be several chaperones in the stands at all times. We need to keep an eye on equipment and insure that no one enters the band’s area while they are performing or on break.
3. In hot weather, the band members need to have water at least in the first and second quarter. Keep an eye out for sick or overheated kids. The first-aid kit contains Tylenol, Ibuprofen, band aids, etc. which are occasionally needed.
4. There are trash bags in the first aid kit which can be given to the kids in the third or fourth quarter to collect their trash in the stands. They are not to leave a mess.
5. Chaperones will need to help carry some equipment into the game. Check with the band members. Someone will need to take in the first-aid kit. The canvas bag with the rosters can be left on the bus. The water jugs and cups need to be taken in also. You can usually get ice and water from the concession stands (home or away).
6. Some chaperones may be needed to get some of the equipment onto the field for the halftime show, particularly the podium.
7. If a chaperone needs to leave the area, the chaperone needs to inform the others and state how long he/she will be gone.
8. It takes all the chaperones working as a team to get everything done.

Chaperone Duties After The Game:

1. Make sure the band cleans up all trash before they leave.
2. Make sure there is no band equipment, hat boxes etc. left in the stands.
3. Carry out the first-aid kit, water jugs, cups, and any equipment that might need to get back on the bus.
4. When back on the bus, call roll and make sure everyone is there.
5. Check the students several times on the way home for inappropriate behavior.
6. After arriving and unloading at the school, check the bus for trash and any forgotten items.
7. Return the first-aid kit and canvas bag back to Mr. Thomas’s office and the water jugs and cups to closet.

PDF of Band Notes