Band Boosters Organizational Documents


Morristown West High School Band Boosters

Morristown, Tennessee


Article I – Organization Purpose

The purpose of Morristown West High School Band Boosters shall be to support the program and efforts of the Morristown West High School Band.  Additionally the organization shall 1) promote and encourage participation in the band program, 2) raise funds for the Morristown West High School Band through donations, volunteer efforts, and fundraising activities.

Article II- Membership

Voting members of this organization shall include parents/guardians of current band members. Additionally current band members, alumni, and/or other individuals interested in the progress and development of the Morristown West High Band program are welcome as auxiliary, non-voting members.

Article III – Officers and Elections

Section 1                 Officers of the organization shall be president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.  No one shall hold more than one office concurrently.

Section 2                 These officers shall be elected annually from nominations of the nominating committee and from nominations made on the floor of the assembly.  After nominations are made at the regular March meeting, the election will be held at the regular April meeting in the form of a secret ballot.   Officers who have served for one year may have the option of having their names submitted for a second year for the same office.

Section 3                 In the event the office of president shall become vacant, the vice-president shall be come president.  In the event any other office shall become vacant, the position shall be filled at the next regular meeting by a majority vote of the membership present.

Section 4                 Current officers shall relinquish their positions and duly elected incoming officers shall attain office on June 1 of each year. All records, keys, and other materials essential to conducting the work of the organization shall also be transferred at that time.

Article IV – Amendments

The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership present at any regular meeting.  Amendments must have been presented in writing at the preceding regular membership meeting.

Article V – Duties of the Officers

Section 1                 The president shall preside at all meetings of the club, appoint all committee chairpersons, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 2                 The vice-president shall assume all the duties of the president in his/her absence and other duties as may be assigned by the president.

Section 3                 The secretary shall keep the membership records and minutes of all meetings and attend to the correspondence.

Section 4                 The treasurer shall receive all monies accruing to the club and shall deposit/transfer same in a depository approved by the Executive Board under the name of Morristown West High School Band Boosters.  Said depository shall be the financial account for the Morristown West High School Band Boosters under the umbrella of Morristown West High School.  The treasurer shall keep a complete, current record of all receipts and disbursements. The treasurer shall be a member of the Fundraising Committee.  The office of treasurer shall be a two year term. The outgoing treasurer may assist the incoming treasurer as needed for training and advice as necessary.

Section 5                 The president or vice-president or secretary and the treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks with two signatures required for each check.  Individuals from the same household shall not be allowed to sign the same check.  If funds collected by the MWHS Band Boosters are deposited directly into a Morristown West High School financial account, this section shall not be applicable.

Article VI – Executive Board

Section 1                 The Executive Board shall consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and band director(s).  The school principal may attend any meeting of the Executive Board as a voting member at his/her discretion.

Section 2                 The Executive Board shall generally supervise the affairs of the organization and shall meet at times determined by the president or a majority of the Executive Board.

Section 3                 The Executive Board shall publish and maintain a set of guidelines for conducting the business of the organization.  Said guidelines shall be published on the MWHS Band Boosters website.

Article VII – Committees

Section 1                 The Nominating Committee shall seek officer nominations and submit its report at the regular membership meeting in March.  This committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board.

Section 2                 Standing Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the president.  These committees shall include Chaperone, Fundraiser, Publicity, Concessions, Merchandise, Hospitality, Guard, and Band Camp.  Other committees may be appointed as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

Section 3                 The Fundraiser Committee shall include their plans for attaining funds in the official committee minutes.  These minutes shall be presented at a regular membership meeting for approval.  Following the establishment of fundraising activities, the Fundraiser Committee may ask the President to appoint additional subcommittees to oversee those activities.

Article VIII – Meetings

Section 1                 The regular meetings of Morristown West High School Band Boosters shall be held in the band room on the second Tuesday of each calendar month beginning in July and concluding in May.  The time shall be set at the previous meeting.  Necessary changes to the date of regular meetings shall be announced at the previous regular meeting. If emergency circumstances arise which would necessitate changing the date, time, or place of any meeting, this information will be posted on MWHS Band Boosters social media and website.

Section 2                 Special meetings may be called by the president or vice-president with a minimum notice of forty-eight (48) hours.  Notice will be posted on MWHS Band Boosters social media and website.

Section 3                 A quorum for all meetings shall consist of members present following notification of members through the usual methods and must include the president and/or vice-president.

Article IX – Funds

Section 1                 All funds generated under the auspices of the organization shall be deposited by the treasurer in a depository in accordance with Article V, Section 4 of these bylaws.

Section 2 The executive board shall oversee the disbursement of funds.

Section 3                 A budget shall be approved at the May meeting.  Emergency expenses not included in said budget shall be approved by the president. Such emergency expenditures shall be limited to a maximum of $200.  Non-emergency expenses not included in the budget shall be approved by the Executive Board.

Section 4                 Purchase orders shall be initiated only by either the band director or the president.

Section 5                 No member of the executive board shall receive any form of compensation or receive any financial gain from the organization.

Section 6                 No member of the MWHS Band Boosters shall receive any compensation or receive any financial gain except through specific contracted services approved by the executive board.

Article X – Financial Reports

Section 1                 The treasurer shall be required to prepare a monthly financial report and an annual financial report.  These reports shall become a part of the permanent records of the organization.

Section 2                 Copies of the above mentioned financial reports shall be filed by the treasurer with the Executive Board and with other such persons or groups as the Executive Board shall direct.

Section 3                 An independent review of the financial statements shall be made in July of each year.  The Executive Board shall select a qualified individual who is not a member of the Executive Board to conduct the review of the financial records.  This report shall be presented to the Executive Board no later than the first regular meeting of the next fiscal year.

Section 4                 All financial records shall be relinquished by the current treasurer to the incoming treasurer on June 1.

These Bylaws were adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership of record on February 11, 2014, and shall be in effect from this date forward.

A copy of the Bylaws shall be displayed in a prominent place in the band room at all times, posted on the MWHS Band Boosters website, and a copy shall be filed in the principal’s office.

Amended   September 12, 2017


Articles of Incorporation

Article I. Incorporation

The official name of this corporation is Morristown West Band Booster Club Inc. (the corporation). The principal office of the corporation in the state of Tennessee shall be at the location as may, from time to time, be registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State. The corporation is organized as a nonprofit corporation under the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act and sub-section § 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code of 1986 under which the corporation chooses to qualify for exemption.

Article II. Purposes and Objectives

Section 1

The purposes of this corporation shall be to support and cooperate with the Morristown West Band program and its facilities. It is further the purpose of this corporation to:

1) Promote and encourage participation and support for the band program by students of the Morristown West and West Hamblen County school systems, as applicable, 2) Raise funds for the Morristown West School Band through donations, volunteer activities, and fund-raising efforts.

Section 2

The objectives of this corporation are to:

1) Aid and assist in the maintenance of the Morristown West Bands,2) Aid and assist in the acquisition of equipment for the Morristown West Bands and 3) Improve the facilities used by and in support of the Morristown West Bands.

The corporation is further organized to aid and assist the City of Morristown, and Hamblen County, Tennessee as well as Morristown West High School in the above mentioned activities through donations, volunteer activities, and fund-raising efforts.


Article III. Membership

Membership in this corporation is open to anyone endorsing the purposes and objectives stated in Article II of these bylaws. Parents and guardians of band members are automatically members of this corporation, and all others interested in helping the band program are welcome. Dues listed in Article VIII sec 1., shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership. Voting members of this corporation shall be only the parents/legal guardians of any current member of the Morristown West High School Band Program.

Article IV – Dissolution

The dissolution of this corporation shall be upon a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors and the membership and upon the dissolution of this corporation, any remaining funds or assets shall be distributed by the Board of Directors to an organization qualified under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Codified into a separate document Date September 17, 2017.